Who we are:

Mr. Green Jeans:
Mr. Green Jeans is an escaped mental patient and should be considered extremely A.D.D. He was raised on a Chewing Gum Farm, but left his family in his formative years to pursue the art of Hamster Wrangling.

After a tragic accident involving himself, a blender, and his prized hamster 'Mr Tiddles', Green Jeans turned to the world of music. He was involved in various parts of the Metal Circuit for years, but became digruntled with the genre due to the introduction of acts such as 'Limp Bizkit' and 'Godsmack'.

Mr. Green Jeans left society and went to live in a Nepalese temple with the ghosts of Coltrane & Davis—creating within him a paradigm shift—leading to what is known as 'Extreme Musical and Social Schizophrenic Distortion', and a cold sore.

As all peaceful things, this too came to a schreeching and violent end. Mr. Green Jeans' temple was burnt to the ground by a troop of David Hasslehoff impersonators angered at Green Jeans over a rigged game of UNO.

Now Mr. Green Jeans has returned stateside to sew his vengeance by producing his unique brand of schizoid music, and fabricating embarrasing rumors concerning David Hasslehoff.

The Necro-Pants Ensemble:
The Necro-Pants Ensemble is a rotating group of personel from a variety of musical backgrounds, from the complete novice with a great desire to participate to the veteran musician having recorded and toured. The cast varies from recording to recording.


Herr Green Jeans & das Necro-Hosen Ensemble
an improvisational noise & music collective | 05.16.09
The birth of MGJ & NHE. Their first jam-session—exploring strengths, talents, and alcohol tolerance. Purely experimental and lots of fun.

Herr Green Jeans
Guitar, Trombone, Vacuum-Hose-itone, Various Percussion, Didgeridoo, Electric Bass

Rufus Wünderschlappe
Baritone Guitar, Electric Bass, General Good Attitude, Level Checker

Bruno von Thünderkaant
Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Various Percussion, Shopping Bag

Olav (Slappy) Kruschev
Keyboard, Various Percussion, Burnt Meat

DJ Dichschtrudel von Mein Vengeance
Various Percussion, Electric Bass, Saw Blades, Plastic Box, Electric Drill, Co-Pilot of Oddity

Gustav V. Duchenbäagen
Percussion, Keyboards, Bitchin' Recorder, Various Body Noises


Mr. Green Jeans & the Necro-Pants Ensemble
unclean things | forthcoming
A collection of every recording done thus far—concepts and experiments, as well as re-mixes of the previous crappy recording.

Herr Green Jeans

Guitar, Trombone, Various Percussion, Electric Bass, Vocals, Piano, Toy Guitar, Digital Effects

Rufus Wünderschlappe
Baritone Guitar, Electric Bass, Button Hitter

Bruno von Thünderkaant
Trumpet, Various Percussion, Vocals


Mr. Green Jeans & the Necro-Pants Ensemble
somewhere in the middle | forthcoming
Transitional release. More to come.

Herr Green Jeans

Guitar, Trombone, Baritone, Coronet, Baritone Tuba, Various Percussion, Electric Bass, Vocals, Piano, Toy Guitar, Palate Knife & Marlin Spike, Lawn Mower

Rufus Wünderschlappe
Electric Bass, Vocals, Toy Guitar, Baritone Tuba, Camel Lights

Bonobo The Invincible
Vocals, Electric Bass,Various Percussion, Coronet, T-Ball Bat, Palate Knife