Artist's Statement:

We have no mission, no objective, and no passion other than allowing complete and total freedom in our creative and expressive urges. It's the spark of inspiration, the electric signal channeled from the universe, the twitch traveling down the central nervous system, through the spine, channeled via the human instrument into an off-beat rhythm or into the one perfect anomaly of a note.

There are those that will scoff and judge, there are those who will not understand and fear, there are those that will laugh uncontrollably. There are 12 people on the planet who will like it—we could not care less.

We are conceived of western and european free-jazz, rock, metal, ambient sound, the music of the world, and noise. We are born through the mixture of cheap beer, friendship, the desire to create and express in a collective manner using mixed talent in some dude's garage.

If you don't like it, if you fear us, if you don't understand it at all, please send us money for better instruments, better beer, and for faith-healing lessons (we can't afford health care.)