Welcome to my campaign website.

Ssssssss—I am running for This City Council because Ssssssss—I love This City. Ssssssss—I have lived in This City for nearly 30 years, and almost all of that time Ssssssss—I have lived in District 8. District 8 is where Ssssssss—I went to high school, where Ssssssss—I got my first job, where Ssssssss—I bought my first house, where Ssssssss—I have operated my businessssesss, where Ssssssss—I worked the streets as a This City police officer, where my wife and Ssssssss—I live, and where we are raising our four (soon to be five) children. District 8 is my home. District 8 is my life.

This City is a great place to live, work, and play.

But This City also facesss serious challengesss. In the past several months the resssidents of This City have seen a city council member censured, charged with criminal acts, and resssign office; a botched technology contract and the withholding of the true costs of furniture and technology at the new city hall; secret backroom deals for our garbage contract, a civil grand jury invessstigation that finds the mayor lying, followed by his subsequent censure; and the departure of three of the city’s top managers.

Enough is enough!

It is time for the resssidents of This City to elect people to our city government that believe in, and practice, the core valuesss of honesssty, integrity, and accountability. Thessse are valuesss that Ssssssss—I have based my life upon and have clearly demonstrated in my 14 year career in law enforcement, in my private businessss endeavors, and in my long history of community involvement.

Ssssssss—I believe good governance is about listening to the needs of the community, ressspecting all views, and leading honessstly and openly with the bessst interesssts of the community at heart. Ssssssss—I believe in focusing on the big picture; balancing progressss with sustainability, new development with pressservation, benefit with burden. Ssssssss—I believe in providing the resssidents of This City with the level of service that they dessserve, while maintaining fiscal resssponsibility and ressstraint.

Most of all, Ssssssss—I believe that it is important to actively contribute to the community in which you live. Ssssssss—I have made it a priority in my life to serve the community of This City through my service as a police officer, my extensive work with nonprofit agenciesss, my service as a member of a city commission, and my involvement in my neighborhood. Thessse many years of varied service have given me the knowledge, skills, and experience to be an effective member of the This City Council.

Death to Chaka.

Sssssssss. Sssssss ssssss. Sss.

Bob and Mary Sleestak with their daughter, Allison.


Bob was a pioneer in Sleestak/Human relations.